The JESPI is a 4-wheel electric powered vehicle, created for various special applications.


A 4-wheel electric powered vehicle, created for various special applications. Thanks to Its low-level platform, and the reinforced steel tubular chassis, powder coated with exterior paint, all sorts of equipment or containers can be assembled for multiple usage. Equipped with many accessories and flatcars It is suitable for the cleaning of large parks, gardens, in the handling of material or goods stocked in pallets, or, as often used in airports and stations for the luggage or goods transport, and versatile for many other work situations. The swivel tiller head is made with a safety sensor which allows the machine to work only in the presence of assigned personnel, supplied with forward/reverse speed lever controls, horn, bellybutton, on/off keys. It is equipped with an emergency stop, led to verify the charging level and an external plug for a fast and easy connection to the charger. Controller and wires are well cabled and kept in a close and hermetic ambient.

The 800W motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that blocks off the Jespi, preventing accidental slipping while on ramps up to 30% at full load. Thanks to its pneumatic low pressure motor tyres of 430 mm, the front steering tyre of 330 mm and the height from the ground to the chassis of 15 cm, the Jespi is able to work in any kind of internal/external or on uneven ground situation. These vehicles are made with high quality materials guaranteed and CE certified following the European Normative.

Specifications Jespi
Capacity - flat surface (kg) 500
Capacity on 30% slope (kg) 300
Overall Length (mm) 1400
Overall Height (mm) 450
Overall Width (mm) 785
Length betweeen Wheels (mm) 785/670
Weight (kg) 134
Engine (Watt/Volt) 800/24
Drive Diff. in oil bath
Forward Speed (km/h) max 5.0
Reverse Speed (km/h) max 2.0

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