SAL Lite

SAL Lite

lightest and fastest powered stairclimber


As easy to use as a hand truck, the SAL Lite’s battery powered climbing mechanism allows you to climb stairs quickly and safely with loads up to 170 kg.

The SAL Lite is true to its name with the modular construction delivering an astonishing low tare weight of just 16 kg. This allows a single operator to effortlessly load it into a vehicle without the need for a ramp or second person.

Despite the extreme lightweight structure, the SAL Lite can safely and efficiently lift loads of over 10 times its own weight. Suitable for winding stairs and narrow landings, the machine climbs onto the next step efficiently and precisely. Going down, the motor acts like a brake, the load gliding smoothly, softly and safely down the stairs – no need to press any buttons.

All our stairclimbers are engineered, designed and built to eliminate lifting related injuries. Stairclimber technology integrated into high quality machines make transporting heavy loads up and down stairs efficient, safe, cost-effective and back injuries become a thing of the past.

Three different motor sizes are available (110 kg, 140 kg and 170 kg) that guarantee an optimum climbing performance of up to 48 steps per minute depending on the weight to be transported.

The flexibility of load capacities as well as four different handle configurations (Uni, Fold, Fold-L and Ergo) make the SAL Lite ideal for a multitude of lifting applications in industry, retail and business. Schools, hospitals, commercial kitchens, offices and a multitude of other organisations have enjoyed the benefits of the SAL Lite stairwalker over several decades.

Whatever goods you need to move up and down stairs or steps, the SAL Lite range of electric stair climbers has you covered, saving you time and avoiding back strain and other injuries that can result from heavy lifting.

Compare All Models
ModelSAL Lite UniSAL Lite FoldSAL Lite Fold-LSAL Lite Ergo
Descriptionthe light all-rounder for heavy loadsfolding model, fits in any car bootfolding model with higher base frameupright posture and maximum control
Application examplescopier paper, laundry containers, cabinets, large rollslarge refrigerators, doors, windows, kitchen worktops, tileswashing machines, floor sanding machines, gas cylindersbeer barrels, water bottles, drinks crates, stacks of tyres
Load Capacity110 / 140 / 170 kg110 / 140 / 170 kg110 / 140 / 170 kg110 / 140 / 170 kg
Total Weight19.5 kg21 kg20 kg20 kg
Operates on steep and narrow spiral staircases
Transport up and down stairs
Transport on the level
Autonomy (max.)300 steps (up)300 steps (up)300 steps (up)300 steps (up)
Climbing speedmax. 48 (steps / min)max. 48 (steps / min)max. 48 (steps / min)max. 48 (steps / min)

Features & Benefits

12 unbeatable advantages to convince you

  • extremely lightweight
  • extremely fast – up to 48 steps/minute
  • two speeds: slow / fast
  • intelligent lifting unit starts automatically when going down stairs
  • hinged toe plate mounting – fixed version also available
  • features sliding clutch and electronic overload protection
  • manoeuvrable like a hand truck
  • confident on all stairs, even spiral staircases and landings where space is restricted
  • large pneumatic tyres, puncture-proof available as an alternative
  • second battery pack and in-transit charge for constant 24-hour use
  • high-strength aluminium toe plate
  • extended battery life (up to 300 steps )


SAL Lite Uni is ideal for copier paper, laundry containers, cabinets, large rolls. The Uni model resembles the classic hand truck and is designed especially for transporting water canisters, drinks crates, copier paper and folders.

SAL Lite Ergo is ideal for beer barrels, water bottles, drinks crates, stacks of tyres. The Ergo model allows you to maintain an upright posture on the stairs and keep maximum control over the goods being transported. Ideal for beer kegs, stacks of tyres, etc.

SAL Lite Fold is ideal for washing machines, floor sanding machines, gas cylinders. The SAL Fold is ideal for transporting white goods on the stairs. The patented folding mechanism enables the handles to be positioned ideally in relation to the load.

SAL Lite Fold-L is ideal for large refrigerators, doors, windows, kitchen worktops, tiles. The Fold-L model is designed to ensure perfect balance even with slightly heavier loads.


Spare Parts

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