Our customers recognise that the proven and innovative engineering, technology and design our equipment provides, means the best possible investment for their lifestyles, futures and businesses.

Transport and logistics companies, hospitals and medical professionals, government departments and educational facilities, the retail industry, a host of commercial enterprises and people with restricted mobility have for many years recognised the advantages of safe lifting practices and stairclimbing equipment.

As the market leader in stairclimbing equipment, Hercules can provide solutions for any kind of lifting challenge.

Private Individuals, Hospitals, Care Facilities and Medical Professionals

Our people-carrying, personal stairclimbers are life changing in their applications.

There are many reasons why somebody cannot manage stairs alone for a time, or permanently. For people who need assistance, Hercules offers powered stairclimbers which are easy to use, safe and can be operated without excessive effort.

Reliable indoors and outdoors, you can get your whole house back. Your personal stairclimber can be quickly disassembled into three pieces and packed neatly into your car, allowing visits to friends and relatives, appointments and engagements – even travel by plane or train. A powerful battery pack, mobile charger unit (available as an accessory) and a quick change battery pack ensure your personal stairclimber is ready for action at any time.

Hospitals and aged-care facilities are recognising more and more the benefits of having personal stairclimbers on hand. Occupational therapists are delighted with the opportunities they are able to provide for their patients, thanks to the people carrying, personal stairclimber technology. Hercules Complete Lifting Solutions is a provider for the NDIS, which allows individuals a quality of life they otherwise may not be enjoying without the use of this ingenious equipment.

From a wedding venue without a lift to a person unable to access the upper levels of their house or apartment, Hercules has the perfect people carrier solution for you.

Most popular product choices: PS Standard, PS Outdoor, PS Universal, PS Track

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Transport, Delivery and Removals

Transport companies, logistics and removalist operations have enjoyed the benefits of our stairclimber range over several decades.

They understand the advantages of implementing a Hercules lifting solution, saving time, effort, manpower and money for their company.

All stairclimbers are engineered, designed and built to eliminate lifting related injuries. Stairwalker technology integrated into high quality machines make deliveries and the transporting of heavy loads efficient, safe, cost effective and back injuries become a thing of the past.

Customer favourites are the Staircat, Sal HD, Sal Lite, Domino, Pianoplan

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Manufacturers of white goods, photocopiers, multifunction printers, hot water systems, airconditioning units or HVAC, pumps, stoves and heaters, safes, commercial kitchens, vending machines, ATMs, switchboards …..any heavy product which requires transportation up and down stairs – have for years been taking advantage of the many benefits offered by our load transporter stairclimber range.

With one person doing what was once a job for three or four people, eliminating back problems and joint pain and substantially reducing any risk of accident, the stairwalkers are a versatile and profitable addition to your business.

Stairclimbers of choice for our manufacturing customers are the Staircat Forklift, Domino, Pianoplan

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Government, Retail and Commercial

Government departments, educational facilities, the retail industry and a host of commercial enterprises value the advantages and benefits and in many cases the edge the Hercules stairclimbers offer.

Whether lifting large, heavy boxes or stacking smaller boxes high for safe and efficient transportation up and down stairs, our range of stairwalkers and load transporters enhance our customers’ operations, however large or small.

Paper, beverages, machinery, furniture, sporting equipment, electrical goods, food products, building products – the list of applications is limitless.

Schools, universities and a range of government departments understand that by implementing a Hercules lifting solution they are ticking all the boxes and making it so much easier for their employees to transport loads.

Most popular choices and recommended options: Sal Lite, Sal HD, Buddy Lift

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Installation, Service and Repair

For customers installing, servicing and/or repairing goods eg. airconditioning units or HVAC, motors, copiers, vending machines, white goods, boilers, pumps, stoves and heaters, switchboards …. being able to safely and efficiently transport the goods, particularly up and down stairs, is critical.

The duty of care responsibilities placed on both employers and employees in relation to safe workplace practices has meant a change from the old and unsafe practices for the movement of heavy and awkward items. In addition to the manpower and cost savings, the elimination of serious back injury is made possible through our award-winning range of products.

Stairclimbers of choice for our manufacturing customers are the Staircat, Sal HD, Domino, MTK

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