Using technology together with modern solutions, our aim is to extend the mobility of people with walking difficulties and to make it easier to transport loads.

Our equipment utilises proven, highly innovative engineering, technology and design.

Behind each piece of equipment are the machine components. Our suppliers are committed to the development and manufacture of high-performance components, concentrating on those relevant to machine function and safety. We understand that efficient and sustainable technologies are critical.

We are proud to bring you some examples below of the technologies featured in our stairclimber range.

Step Edge Detection

A fail safe mechanical sensing system automatically detects the edge of each step and applies the stair climber brakes. This ensures the machine cannot be rolled off a step accidentally.

Automatic Load Levelling

This technology ensures the centre of mass is kept within the footprint of the stair climber. Load sensors and tilt actuators automatically adjust the platform angle, ensuring the machine is stable throughout the stair climb.

Harmonic ‘Slinky’ Inspired Motion

By designing the stair climber to mimic a harmonic motion, the machines remain balanced and conserves energy, similar to a slinky descending steps.

Ultra-clean climb

The unique glide belt and lift geometry ensures no moving part of the Staircat makes contact with the step. The wheels do not make contact with the edge of the step ensuring no possible damage to even the most ornate of staircases.

Remote Joystick Control

Intuitive controls incorporating a joystick for complex manoeuvres. This can also be used to remote control the stair climb, ensuring the operator is separated from potential hazard.

Tool-less Quick Release Power Packs

Lightweight yet powerful power packs are used with the ability to quickly switch them out for another unit. Single handed operation utilising a quick release without the use of tools.

Indicator Light
Simple Safe Operation

Whilst the stair climber is designed to be intuitive and simple to operate, many safety features are built in. Features include over angle sensors, automatic low battery warning, battery over ride, automatic shut down to preserve battery life and assistive slope braking for traversing slopes.

Multi Plate Friction Clutch

The ability to adjust the ergonomics of the stair climber is vital for different load centres and operator preference. We incorporate stainless steel multi plate friction clutches to allow infinite adjustment with zero slip.


Stairclimbers are a vital tool of the trade. Quality and reliability is critical. Victorian engineers used to say “if one chain will do, we will use two!” The same thought process is used with our machines.

Precision ‘Inching’ Functionality

Negative electro-magnetic braking motors not only mechanically fail safe in the event of an electrical issue but can be driven in ‘inching’ mode. This allows exceptionally slow and deliberate movements to be made for manoeuvring in the tightest of spaces.


Moving 600 kg safely on stairs is impressive, however care must be taken loading the stairclimber for the climb. Pianoplan Vertical does this for you, safely traversing from vertical to horizontal, and back again.

SAL HD System
Non marking, puncture proof tyres and tracks

Careful design and material selection ensure the stair climber will not mark or damage any style of step. Suitable for marble bull-nose to glass and everything in between. Puncture proof tyres ensure the machines are always operational when required.