transport loads on all types of stairs


The new Donkey is the ideal tool for carrying loads to different floors, along all types of stairs. The evolution is called Donkey “Light” which, thanks to its contained size and lower weight, it can easily load up to a maximum of 130 kg. To speed up down movements, the new system allows the user to tackle unladen lowering with no electric operation.

The DONKEY LIGHT electric stairlift is designed, constructed and tested for handling loads on level surfaces and on fixed stairways, in indoors residential, retail, light industrial premises. The machine is constructed in compliance with the relevant and applicable EU Directives at the time of its release on the market.

This version, the only one under 30 kilograms, allows the operator to work safely but more quickly thanks to the empty descent system without mechanical and electric movement. This innovation has made it more handy and easier to use also thanks to the step recognition system that does not automatically lock the wheels, as it did in the previous version of the Donkey series.

Model Donkey Donkey Light Donkey Speed
Load Capacity 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg
Total Weight 28.7 kg 28.7 kg 28.7 kg
Autonomy (max.) 750 steps (up) 750 steps (up) 750 steps (up)

Features & Benefits

  • The adjustable drawbar makes it possible to handle Donkey more easily and safely based on the type of load to be carried.


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