Stair Robot

Stair Robot

a tank style stairclimber


The SR1750 or Stair Robot is a tank style stairclimber, running on two non-marking tracks.

It uses AC Power for its huge 1000 kg capacity, with automatic ‘load levelling’ ensuring the cargo is kept upright and over the machines centre of gravity. The main platform can traverse the cargo from vertical to horizontal, ready to be moved up the stairs. Its remote ‘joystick’ controls are intuitive and keeps the operator separated from the cargo.

The Stair Robot stair crawler is equipped with a hydraulic levelling platform making it possible to keep the load on the horizontal plane throughout the stair climb.

Powerful 220 volt or 110 volt motors drive the tracks via a reduction gearbox to ensure the operation is safe and controlled, even in the event of a power outage.

The Stair Robot stairclimber is controlled remotely with a 24 volt 4 button switch box. The controls are simple and intuitive allowing the operator to maintain a safe distance and watchful eye on the task in hand.

The Stair Robot is a powerful, yet easy to handle stairclimber. This battery powered, stairclimbing device is styled for the full time professional or distribution operator. This staircrawler offers the highest lift capacity in the market today.

Model SR Express SR450 SR1750
Load Capacity 175 kg 350 kg 1000 kg
Length 1445 mm 1200 mm 1185 mm
Width 400 mm 460 mm 720 mm
Net Weight 204 kg 49 kg 250 kg

Features & Benefits

Stair robot motorised stair climbing hand truck takes care of 100% of the lifting work, prevents risk of back injury and reduces the effort to be made to move heavy, clumsy goods by more than 87%!

Stair robot stair climber moves goods up and down on stairs and in and out of vehicles, loading areas and buildings.

Stair robot stair climbers are used to move things like water tanks, boilers, ovens, gas bottles, office furniture, heating elements, restaurant equipment, vending machines and much more.


The Stair Robot is designed to carry bulky loads weighing up to 1000 kg up and down stairs. The accessory equipment has been designed to assist the handling of the load up to and onto the machine, onto the stairs and the removal from the Stair Robot at the final destination.

The Stair Robot is a high tech stair climbing robot used for the safe handling of heavy unit loads up and down stairs.

  • ATM’s
  • Safes and Vaults
  • Switchboards
  • Vending Machines
  • Heavy industrial / commercial equipment such as elevator motors and gearboxes
  • Medical equipment such as autoclaves and MRI machines
  • Wood fire heaters, stoves and pizza ovens
  • Industrial White Goods
  • Commercial kitchens and laundry equipment
  • Brewing equipment such as Casks and Silos

Downloads & Videos

Stair Robot Brochure  Lifting Flyer

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