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Stairclimbers for Disabled

Do you have anyone with disability in your family? Then you must know how difficult it becomes for him or her to move around. You must be always looking for ways that can make movement easier for the disabled. Earlier people with disability used wheelchairs for moving around. However, the wheelchairs could be used only to move on plane surfaces of slopes. They were not equipped enough for being used for climbing stairs. This forced the scientists to invent technologies that would allow people with disability to climb stairs. This need resulted in the advent of stairclimbers for disabled.

The stairclimbers for disabled are also often referred to as personal stairclimbers. This moving device provides the operators and passengers the sense of security and confidence to climb stairs in a hassle free manner. The innovative design of personal stairclimbers ensures that the user do not face any difficult while operating it on moving around on it. When descending, the personal stairclimber’s body does not change its position until the lifting feet of the unit reach the subsequent lower step. This in turn guarantees that the person moving on the stairclimber will not fall down. As a result, the chance of incurring injuries when on a personal stairclimber is almost zero.

If you or any individual you know has walking difficulty, you should place the order for a personal stairclimber immediately. However, make sure that the stairclimber you purchase belongs to a reputable manufacturer. The stair climber makes sure that the individuals with disability can go in every corners of their own house. In short it provides them a new level of mobility. With the stairclimbers for disabled, people with walking problems can even move around outside their home and of course up and down the stairs and steps. People who are confined in their abode for years due to problems of knee or hip joint can now see the outer world again with the help of these stair climbers.

The majority of the esteemed manufacturers will allow you to choose from two models of personal stairclimbers the PS Standard 130 and the PS Standard 160. The only difference between these two models lies in their weight bearing capability. The PS Standard 130 can carry individuals weighing up to 130 kg and the PS Standard 160 can carry weight of up to 160 kg. All the other specifications of these two models are similar. The net weight of these stairclimbers’ biggest part is 18.5 kg. Their overall height and width are respectively 1130 mm and 505 mm (the width is measured including the armrests). Their overall depth is 875 mm; however, when the armrests and seat are folded, the depth drops to 600 mm. The area required by them for landing is 800×900 sq. mm. The net body weight of both PS Standard 130 and PS Standard 160 is 30.5 kg. The maximum step height it can achieve is 220 mm; this means, when tilted at a steep angle, the personal stairclimbers can cross steps with height of up to 220 mm.