The Skipper is one of the latest generation electric stairclimbing trolleys suitable for relatively heavy transport. Fitted with a remote control, this ingenious machine comes with a securing strap, automatic battery charger, standard sheet metal base and an auto tipping back feature.

The Skipper staircrawler is an advanced system and provides all of the essential stairclimbing and installation functions. Moving loads up or down stairs and around tight landings is accomplished easily.

The weight is always transferred to the ground or the stairs, so there is no need to keep the machine balanced. The operator can work in absolute safety in the most critical conditions, allowing more comfort with heavy loads. As the interaction between the load and the operator is reduced to the minimum, the operator no longer has to support the transported weight.

By always working on the ridge of the steps, the Skipper stairwalker manages to overcome even very tall steps in comparison with a step-by-step system. You are no longer restricted by the height or regularity of the steps or stairs, so there are more possibilities for use.

Thanks to the possibility of changing the transported load´s tilt at any time, you can succeed in working in even exceptional conditions, allowing the operator to adapt to any circumstance, including very steep stairs.

With the special branded tracks you can travel effortlessly up and down slopes, on dirt tracks and uncertain flooring and the Skipper stairclimber can be used outdoors on uneven or unfinished surfaces without putting the weight on the operator.

ModelSkipper 250Skipper 300Skipper 350
Capacity250 kg300 kg350 kg
Depth200 mm200 mm200 mm
Width550 mm550 mm550 mm
Height2570 mm2570 mm2570 mm
Height with closed frame1260 mm1260 mm1260 mm
Autonomy (max.)1000 steps up, 3000 steps down900 steps up, 2700 steps down800 steps up, 2400 steps down
Travel Speed52 (steps / min)42 (steps / min)32 (steps / min)
Weight89 kg89 kg89 kg

Features & Benefits

  • SKIPPER is always equipped with 1 strap to tie the load, 1 battery pack provided as standard, 1 automatic battery charger 220/24V, and 1 standard base measuring 37.5 cm x 13.5 cm depth.
  • The weight is always on the staircase, there is no need to keep it balanced.
  • You can change the load angle at any time to ensure it adapts to different gradients.
  • Thanks to the non-marking crawler tracks, the equipment can be used on any surface.
  • You are no longer restricted by the height of the steps, since it can also go up irregular steps.
  • The frame is extendable and adjustable.
  • Lead gel battery 24V without memory effect.


With the Hercules Skipper in the standard configuration, the turning space is equal to that of a manual trolley. With Skipper equipped with lifting or anti-tipping base, the turning space is reduced.

  • It is possible to change the loading tilt on the staircase at any time, allowing you to adapt to any circumstance.
  • You are no longer restricted by the height of the steps, Skipper can easily go up irregular steps as well.
  • Thanks to the special tracks, it can be used outdoors even on uneven surfaces without putting the weight on the operator.


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