Roller Crowbar

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Model No.

RC15 / RC50

Our Roller Crowbar provides powerful leverage to lift and shift heavy machinery up to 5000 kg.

The Hercules Roller Crowbar incorporates tubular steel in the construction to reduce the weight whilst being an exceptionally strong tool. It has two smooth steel rollers reducing the risk of damaging the floor and allowing the load to be safely moved. The crowbar lever can be used to pry the load high enough to allow our other load skates to be placed under the mass for further handling. The 2 meter handle makes the lift a breeze and ensures the operator is clear of the load being raised. Maintenance free but fully serviceable as the roller crowbar can be repaired in the unlikely event of damage.

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Model RC15 RC50
Capacity 1500 kg 5000 kg
Length 2000 mm 2000 mm
Max. Skate Height 145 mm 145 mm
Roller Diameter 75 mm 70 mm
Roller Width 55 mm 54 mm
Net Weight 13 kg 30 kg


The RC15 and RC50 are a pry with the capacity of 1.5 tonne and 5 tonne respectively. These Roller Crowbars are a necessary accessory to other varieties of skates.

  • Pry the corner of a heavy object high enough to slide our other load skates underneath
  • Lever heavy machinery and manoeuvre into place
  • Lift and roll equipment using multiple Roller Crowbars
  • Ideal for safes, ATM’s, switchboard cabinets, lathes, CNC machines and other industrial equipment

Spare Parts

Contact Us to order spare parts.

Have a look at the exploded view of the RC15 and RC50 above, the numbered items match the spare parts list below

Image No Description Quantity Part No
1 Washer 2 RC-001
2 Roller 2 RC-002
3 Split Pin 2 RC-003
4 Pry bracket 1 RC-004



Roller Crowbar Brochure & Manual