Swift Drum Loader/Unloader

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Swift Drum Loader / Unloader. Easily glides over pallets to quickly load or unload drums. Grabs drums from the middle of a standard pallet with a drum claw-grab, raises the drums up, and redistributes them throughout the facility. Also removes drums from the corner of containment skids. Highly manoeuvrable unit features two poly wheels and two poly castor wheels.

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Model DTF450
Load Capacity 450 kg
Drum Size 572 mm / 210 ltr
Length 900 mm
Width 1020 mm
Height 1250 mm
Drum Type Steel
Lifting Height 500 mm
Lifting per stroke 11.6 mm
Min Gripper Height 880 mm
Max Gripper Height 1380 mm
Net Weight 125 kg


  • Distribute drums and barrels throughout the premises
  • Drums can be positioned on a pallet with accuracy to maximise pallet space
  • Eliminated the risk of ‘rolling’ barrels


DTF450 Drum Lifter Brochure   Drum Lifters Brochure