Mechanical Jack Mover

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Model No.

MJ1000A / MJ1000B

Mechanical Jack Mover. Lift the object from the floor easily. Use handle bar to lift the object first and slide the jack under this object, then slide corner movers in accordingly. Sold in set only, including 1 pc lifting handle and 2 pcs mechanic jacks.

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Model MJ1000A MJ1000B
Lifting Capacity (per pair) 1000 kg 1000 kg
Min. Lifting Height 12 mm 12 mm
Max. Lifting Height 50 mm 50 mm
Wheel Diameter 138 x 28 mm 138 x 28 mm
Wheel Material Steel Polyurethane
Length 168 mm 168 mm
Width 118 mm 118 mm
Height 275 mm 275 mm
Net Weight (per set) 10 kg 9.6 kg

Mechanical Jack Mover Brochure