Corner Movers

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Model No.

AR100A / AR100B / AR150

Corner Movers sold in one set (4pcs) only. Low level corner bogies used to move awkward rectangular loads.

  • Easy to position-lift one side of load by a transport jack and slide in corners, then repeat for other side.
  • Load platform covered with ribbed rubber for load protection.
  • AR100A and AR100B are made of casting aluminium.
  • AR150 frame is made of press steel.
  • 3pcs ball bearing castors in each corner mover.
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Model AR100A AR100B AR150
Max. Load Each 100 kg 100 kg 150 kg
Castor Diameter 50 x 20 mm 50 x 20 mm 50 x 20 mm
Load Height 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm
Length 305 mm 195 mm 366 mm
Width 165 mm 165 mm 204 mm
Height 85 mm 85 mm 85 mm
Frame Material Aluminium Aluminium Steel
Net Weight (per set) 5.6 kg 4.8 kg 8 kg

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