Four Way Move

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Four Direction Move Pallet Truck Pallet Jack. Unique 4-directional movement capacity provides the flexibility to manoeuvre wide loads through standard aisles. An additional set of wheels allows pallet truck to be moved sideways in addition to conventional forward and backward directions. Move heavy loads, quickly and effortlessly, with convenient hydraulic power and industrial quality features. Include sealed ball bearings on wheels that are permanently lubed and polyurethane coated. Handle has a cushion grip with a 3-position lever.

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Model HPF12S HPF12L
Capacity 2000 kg 2000 kg
Max Fork Height 205 mm 205 mm
Min Fork Height 185 mm 185 mm
Fork Length 1150 mm 1220 mm
Overall Width 540 mm 680 mm
Back Wheel 200 mm 200 mm
Net Weight 75 kg 78 kg

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