BST Hand Pallet Truck

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BST Series

Hand Pallet Truck, Pallet Jack. Quick lift, within 2 strokes, pallet is ready to be moved. Highly efficient achieve maximum lift height in half the time. Pump automatically switches to normal operation when load exceeds 150 kg. Unique double seals design ensures longer life than standard pump. Quick and easy-change cassette valve system with overload protection. Ergonomic handle offers a comfortable trip in all temperatures and more lifting height per stroke then normal handle. The truck can be used frequently in toughest conditions. Extremely easy to adjust push rod without turning the truck. Offer easier entry and exit from pallet and protect load wheels as well.

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Model BST2053 BST2068 BST2553 BST2568
Capacity 2000 kg 2000 kg 2500 kg 2500 kg
Max Fork Height 205 mm 205 mm 205 mm 205 mm
Min Fork Height 85 mm 85 mm 85 mm 85 mm
Fork Length 1150 mm 1220 mm 1150 mm 1220 mm
Fork Width 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Overall Width 530 mm 685 mm 530 mm 685 mm
Net Weight 75 kg 78 kg 77 kg 80 kg


Pallet jacks are the workhorse of any industry that have materials handling requirements. Used in factories, warehouse and wholesale departments to name a few. Manual operation requires no training or qualifications, simple to use and almost impossible to brake. Available in two basic formats to suite European pallets and UK GKN (Chep) pallets.

This BST pallet truck is a Euro model. Euro models are narrower and longer to suite European pallets where the Chep truck is wider and shorter. Companies that import and distribute globally should have one of each.


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