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New and Improved Skipper Stairclimber
Safe Climb. Minimum Time


Ideal for doors and windows, as well as high loads.

It is equipped with independent crawler tracks that can turn in very tight spaces. The weight is completely unloaded on the stairs without ever leaving traces.

It can be controlled with a joystick, and the operator can change the track direction at any time. It is no longer a problem when space in height is lacking – with the New Skipper stair-climbing trolley, there is always a solution.


Available load capacities
160, 300 and 400 Kg

Extendible and adjustable.

Type of battery
24 V lead gel without memory effect

Battery life
Skipper 160 kg: about 1000 steps
Skipper 300 kg: about 750 steps
Skipper 400 kg: about 500 steps

Operating space
The independent crawler tracks allow manoeuvring on helical and winder stairs

Standard equipment
1 Fixing strap
1 Battery charger
1 Standard base, dimensions: width 40 cm, depth 25 cm