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Stair Climbing Handtruck

People, who need to lift, move or shift heavy objects regularly often develop back problems. Mostly such back problems are hard to treat and some even have to live with them throughout their lives. The stair climbing handtruck or handtruck stairclimber is a lifting device that will allow you to carry loads effortlessly. This moving device protects your back muscles from injuries. According to experts, high quality stair climbing hand trucks allow a single person to perform tasks of four. This means a stair climbing handtruck enhances the working capability of people. Use these stair climbers for taking large and heavy objects up and down narrow staircases.

The stair climbing handtruck is manufactured using a tough tempered aluminium alloy. This alloy is known for being exceedingly sturdy. According to some it is even stronger than magnesium. However, it weighs much less than steel.

Can you use the stair climbing hand trucks for climbing all kinds of steps? The answer to this question will vary depending on the manufacturer your handtruck stairclimber belongs to. If you purchase it from a reputable manufacturer, you will be able to use it on all types of steps and stairs; for instance stairs made up of timber and tread, stairs with carpet, tiles and bull nose, concrete and grated stairs, paved stairs, mesh stairs as well as wet stairs.

High quality stair climbers come with large rubber wheels that do not run by touching the step’s edge. These stairclimbers land gently on the steps both while going up and while going down. They are equipped with lifting caps that work by lifting the big rubber wheels automatically up and over the stairs’ edges when you are using the device for carrying loads down the stairs. When you are carrying loads upwards along a staircase, the lifting caps will lift its wheels up and over the edges and place the wheels gently on the next step.

The majority of the top manufacturers offer four models of stair climbing hand trucks; they are: MS66, MS72, MS-1-66 and MS-1-72. The section below will inform you about the basic specifications of these stair climbing handtruck models.

MS66: It can be used for carrying objects weighing up to 315 kg. Its height is 1680 mm. Its width and length are respectively 610 mm and 127 mm. The net body weight of the MS66 is 29.6 kg and you can use up to three straps on it.

MS72: Like, the MS66, the MS72 is also capable of lifting loads of up to 315 kg. Its length and breadth are also similar to that of the MS66. However, this device has a greater height; it is 1830 mm high. MS72’s net body weight is 31.4 kg. You will be able to use 4 straps on it.

MS-1-66: Use the M-1-66 for lifting objects weighing up to 540 kg. The height, length and breadth of this stair climbing handtruck model are same as that of the MS66. It weight 35.9 kg. You will be able to use 3 straps on it.

MS-1-72: The dimensions of this lifting device are same as that of the MS72. Like the MS-1-66, this one also possesses the ability of lifting objects weighing up to 540 kg. MS-1-72’s net body weight is 36.8 kg.