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SF25 and Other Fixed Type Load Skates

Are you having problems to lift heavy objects? If yes, then you can purchase lifting rolls like load skates for performing the regular moving tasks without any difficulty. Currently, you will get 3 types of load skates in the market, namely: fixed type load skates, adjustable load skates and load skates with castors. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the first type i.e. the fixed type load skates. The fixed type load skates can again be categorised into five different types, they are: SF10, SF20, SF25, SF30 and SF60. This categorisation is done primarily based on these lifting tools’ load bearing abilities. The name of each of these load skate models also depicts the extent of load it can carry. Read through the discussion below to know more about the above mentioned fixed type load skate models.

The SF10: It can be described as the basic model of fixed type load skates. The SF10s is meant for being used for lifting objects with maximum body weight of 1 ton. The number of rollers fitted into this equipment is 4. The height, breadth and length of a SF10 are respectively: 120 mm, 220 mm and 333 mm. It weighs 7kg.

The SF20: Although the dimensions (height, length and breadth) of this fixed type load skate model is same as that of the SF10, its load bearing capacity is more than the SF10. It is capable of carrying objects with body weight of two tons. The number of rollers present in this lifting tool is 8. The overall body weight of a SF20 is 8 kg.

The SF25: The length, breadth and height of the SF25 are respectively 210 mm, 100 mm and 105 mm. In spite of being smaller in size, it can move heavier objects than the previous two models. It is capable of lifting objects weighing up to 2.5 tons. This equipment is not only smaller in size when compared to the SF10 and the SF20, but also weighs less. Its body weight is only 4 kg. One of the main reasons behind its reduced body weight is that unlike the fixed type load skate models discussed in the above two paragraphs, it contains only 2 rollers.

The SF30: The SF30 is 330 mm long, 300 mm wide and 120 mm high. Its overall body weight is 9.5 kg. Every SF30 comes with 4 rollers and is capable of moving objects weighing up to 3 tons.

The SF60: It is the fixed type load skate model with maximum load lifting capacity. It can be used for lifting objects weighing up to 6 tons. The SF60s come equipped with six rollers. The overall bodyweight of each of these lifting machines is 12 kg. The dimensions of the SF60 are as follows: its length is 260 mm, its width is 230 mm and its height is 105 mm.

The above discussion must have offered you enough information about the different types of fixed type load skate models available in the market. Now it’s you turn to buy the one that meets your needs perfectly.