The Problem

Toll Global Express required a trolley to transfer large multi-function printers (MFP) between their delivery vehicles and the clients office space. The trolley had to be designed to allow one person to roll a 400 kg MFP on and off the trolley unassisted. The trolley had to be narrow enough to fit through a standard (minimum) doorway and handle uneven outdoor surfaces. Concession had to be made for a clipboard and handheld scanner. The trolley required brakes and non-marking edges and of course be painted in the cooperate colour of ‘Toll Green’

The Solution

An ultra-low profile, extremely rigid base was designed and fabricated to manage the 400 kg payload without deflection. The ramp was ‘oversized’ to reduce the angle, ensuring a single operator could push the MFP onto the trolley with ease. Due to the required ramp dimensions it was fabricated from lightweight Aluminium allowing it to be detached and stored within the overall footprint of the trolley. A simple folded storage box and strap down points were incorporated into the handle, and the edges of the epoxy coated frame wrapped in industrial rubberised beading. Low friction, lockable caster wheels allow the trolley and 400 kg payload to be manoeuvred safely with ease.