The Problem

Banjo owns the Lincs Heating Centre in Hornsby and wanted to offer his clients the premium ‘Esse’ brand of heaters, manufactured in England. Esse heaters are manufactured to the highest quality, and such are notoriously heavy. Banjo’s problem was how his team and installers could safely manoeuvre the heaters both in the showroom and in customers homes. The problem was made worse in the event the installation was upstairs. Historically a team of 4 or 5 individuals would be required to manhandle the heaters op and down stair, both costly and full of risk.

Banjo had looked into the hiring the Stairclimbers we previously supplied to Kennards Hire but found the cost of hire and availability prohibitive. These machines are also non-levelling meaning the internals of the heaters would need to be stripped out prior to the climb, adding time.

The Solution

Hercules worked with Banjo to find a three way solution. First we found the Domino 400, tracked stair crawler, was ideal for transporting the heaters up and down stairs. The three key benefits of this model are its self-leveling platform, ability to turn on its own axis and non-marking tracks. We then offered our FM180B furniture mover, that doubled up as a Domino loader and allows the heaters to be maneuvered through 360 degree. Finally a simple ‘narrow track’ pallet truck for moving the heaters on their factory pallets.

Even on the first job, Banjo managed to deliver, install the new and remove the old heater in two hours flat! The climb wasn’t an easy one either with multiple stairs and landing to navigate. Banjo and Ben said they felt safe and in control at all times.

Banjo now offers a safe and professional installation service, both for his own team or other installers that wish to hire his equipment.