The Problem

A division of Queensland Energy is responsible for Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. This requires large, heavy duty batteries to be connected in racks or banks. The racks have multiple levels, the highest being 1.6 mtr. Many UPS Banks are in remote locations and the batteries often need to be delivered by ‘Ute’ then unloaded and walked upstairs to be placed on the relevant shelf. A device was required to remove the heavy loading and unloading, carrying and stairclimbing. It was also beneficial for one person to undertake the task. Due to the remote locations, it was preferred to have the machine carry a second battery and all accessories had to be tool less in operation. Tyres also had to be puncture proof.

The Solution

A variant of our SAL LITE Stairclimber was chosen as the foundation to solve this problem. The modular detachable lifting frame was modified to incorporate a twin level base for the batteries to be strapped onto. A second battery with quick release, toolless change was attached to the main frame. The operator could now use the stairclimber as an adjustable platform to slide batteries from their Ute or Van, directly onto the machine. The batteries were they wheeled across uneven surfaces on puncture proof wheels just like a conventional hand truck. Stairs and steps were of course no problem. Upon reaching the storage racks, the stairclimber again became a static lifting table, allowing the batteries to be raised to the appropriate level. The batteries are then simply slid off the stairclimber into position.