PS Fold

PS Fold

suitable for patient transport


This is the rapid-response unit for transporting patients. The battery powered Hercules PS Fold offers the same degree of manoeuvrability as the Hercules PS Standard, but with a lightweight, practical, washable seat. The washable seat covering can be wiped clean or removed altogether by simply undoing a zip.

The intuitive controls on the Hercules Personal Stairclimbers are easy to learn. It is important to get a feel for balance during operation and the built-in angle indicator helps you do this. New personnel will have this system quickly mastered.

When not in use the Hercules PS Fold can literally be folded away! No dismantling. Save space in the workplace and on the move.

The Hercules PS Fold is lightweight and can easily be stowed away in any vehicle. And with the in-transit charger you can recharge the battery unit on the move – so that the Hercules PS Fold is ready for action whenever you are.

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Model PS Fold
Description the ideal solution for patient transport
Ideal for patient transport and very narrow spiral staircases
Load Capacity 160 kg
Total weight 28 kg
Weight of the heaviest part 28 kg
Step height / angle (max.) 220 mm
Lightweight construction
Operates on steep and narrow spiral staircases
Easy to dismantle and stow
Integrated seat
Wheelchair transporters -
Single-step mode & continuous mode
Acoustic and visual inclination warning
Motor-supported assistance for getting up
Reliable step edge brakes
Can be used on a wide range of wheelchairs -
Autonomy (max.) up to 500 steps
Climbing speed 10 / 14 / 18 (steps/min)
Landing dimensions (min.) 800 mm x 900 mm

Features & Benefits

19 unbeatable advantages to convince you

  • 200 mm diameter wheels
  • 3 speed settings
  • up to 18 steps per minute
  • single-step mode and continuous mode
  • climbs effortlessly with people weighing up to 160 kg
  • independence thanks to mobile charger and quick-change battery pack
  • leaves no marks on stairs or floors
  • confident even on steep, spiral staircases
  • intuitive control panel
  • for left- and right-handed operators
  • lightweight construction
  • switch between single-step mode and continuous mode on-the-move
  • modular design: quick and easy to dismantle into 3 sections and re-assemble again
  • stows away in boot of car no problem
  • reliable step edge brakes
  • electrical and mechanical overload protection
  • ergonomic, non-slip and height-adjustable handle grips
  • angle indicator for perfect balance during operation
  • motorised escape aid


The simple solution for patient transport. Ideal for very steep and narrow spiral staircases

  • Emergency Medical and Fire Services for rapid patient evacuation
  • Public sector age care facilities in the event of lift outages
  • Private use for functions
  • Medical stairclimbing trolley
  • Rehabilitation solution for home recovery


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