M6.5 Pedestrian Tow Tugger

$17,990.00 + GST

Model No.


Electric pedestrian tug operated electric tug mainly designed for moving trailers and heavy wheeled loads.

It is a powerful vehicle, easy to handle at the same time. It can be equipped with various accessories, i.e. hooks and ballasts, allowing it to tow up to 6000 kg on flat grounds. The M6.5 electric tugger is equipped with a swivel tiller head with a safety sensor that allows the use only in presence of the operator. The motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake, blocking off the vehicle, while standing.

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Model M6.5
Towing Capacity 6000 kg
Length 1327 mm
Width 730 mm
Height 342-1237 mm
Max Speed 4-5 kmph
Wheels Rubber (Turf)
Weight 170 kg

Features & Benefits

Due to its small footprint, the steering and adjustable tiller head its very manoeuvrable and is ideal for work in narrow spaces.


Thanks to its multiple accessories, M6.5 tows and pushes trailers, trucks, airport trolleys and caravans with ease.


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