M12 Bed / Trolley Mover

$11,995.00 + GST

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Electric cart mover. The M12 cart mover increases productivity and reduces manual handling, improving safety and ergonomics of workers.

Compact and powerful electric tug, ideal to be used in narrow spaces thanks to its adjustable tiller. Designed to handle wheeled loads up to 1.500 kg on flat ground when equipped with ballasts, thanks to the wide range of available accessories this electric tugger is the right solution for multiple applications.


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Model M12
Towing Capacity 1000 kg
Length 550-1086 mm
Width 548 mm
Height 892-1316 mm
Max Speed 5.8 kmph
Wheels Rubber (Turf)
Weight 79 kg

Features & Benefits

  • The M12 makes handling wheeled objects safe and easy. With a footprint of just 550 mm its one of the most compact tugs in the world.
  • Use the unit anywhere without marking the floor.
  • No maintenance, all units are sealed in an oil bath with no chain.
  • The M12 is available with a large array of hitches and accessories to suit your application and environment.


M12 power pusher is ideal for a variety of needs related to logistics in industries, hospitals, airports, pharmaceutical companies, warehouses and warehouses. Very useful to tow roll containers, trolleys, loads and various wheeled equipments, it is the perfect material handling aid to make working environment safer and more efficient.


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