Domino People

Domino People

crawler track stair climbing trolley


Domino People is a stair climbing trolley which can carry both powered and hand-operated wheelchairs. It has a capacity up to 400 kg and is equipped with independent crawler tracks that can also be used to change trajectory on the staircase, it is controlled in an easy and intuitive way using a joystick. It automatically tilts the wheelchair on the staircase, and the operator can choose to change its position at any time.

Access to the load surface must always be in reverse. The telescopic ramps are equipped with mechanical supports in the middle, in order to support heavy loads and have excellent durability over time. Secure the wheelchair using the supplied straps and store the telescopic ramps in the appropriate housings. It is possible to order a load surface with customised dimensions to better adapt to specific wheelchairs.

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Model Domino People
Capacity 400 kg
Length 1150 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 1220 mm
Autonomy (max.) up to 300 steps
Tracks speed 4 metres per minute
Landing dimensions (min.) 1450 x 1350 mm
Maximum permissible staircase inclination 45 degrees
Wheels Powered Tracks
Weight of the towing chassis devoid of the removable control handle 62 kg
Total weight of the device 130 kg (battery included)
Weight of the detachable control handle without battery 9.6 kg
Weight of the battery box 16.5 kg

Features & Benefits

  • MANOEUVRING IN NARROW SPACES The independent crawler tracks with double electric motor allow the trolley to rotate 360° and provide maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces
  • TRAVEL COMFORT The trolley can transport either hand-operated or powered wheelchairs. The person is transported sideways, allowing him/her to look the operator in the eyes.
  • NON-SLIPPING Non-marking and non-slipping crawler tracks, suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • IRREGULAR STEPS You are no longer restricted by the height of the steps, since it can also go up irregular steps.
  • ONE-FINGER CONTROL It is operated with a proportional joystick, making it easy-to-use and intuitive.
  • MOVEMENT ON FLAT SURFACES The trolley moves on flat surfaces on three puncture-resistant wheels. The front wheel is equipped with a brake and can be taken off.
  • WHEELCHAIR ACCESSORY Accessory equipped with up and down ramps, lengthened at will to load and unload the wheelchair on/from the transport surface. Front removable wheel.
  • AUTOMATIC the DOMINO PEOPLE adjusts the load tilt of the wheelchair on the staircase on its own, taking a lot of stress off the operator during transport


  • Suitable for transporting manual wheelchairs up to 400 kg
  • Equipped with puncture-resistant tyres for indoor and outdoor displacement
  • Independent tracks to tackle spiral staircases
  • Ability to rotate 360 degrees on landings
  • It can be dismantled to reduce the overall dimensions
  • Special tracks suitable for all surfaces, even the most delicate ones

Downloads & Videos

Domino People Brochure  Domino People Specifications

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