Stairclimber Christmas Hire
Safe Climb. Minimum Time.

Christmas time is coming, a time for family.

Imagine being able to have your wheelchair-bound loved ones or your elderly parents, who cannot walk to much or climb up the stairs, over for a visit at Christmas and actually being able to take them up and down the stairs with ease. Our personal Stairclimbers can help with exactly that.

A range of our personal stairclimber products are available for hire. It might be for weeks or months, or just a weekend to ensure one of your guests can make it to a venue with stairs and no lift! We can take bookings in advance to secure your equipment for a certain date.

We can also convert your rental to a purchase, should you decide to go ahead and buy the product. This happens frequently!

We are a registered provider with the NDIS as well as charitable organisations who may be able to assist with funding of your mobility product, including rental. We would be happy to discuss these options with you. We provide training for the user/s prior to all equipment hires. We can book this in too, usually requiring about 15 minutes of your time at one of our showrooms to ensure you feel confident in operating the machine.

Our Regular Rental Rates:

$ 350.00 + GST per day or for a weekend.
(Stairclimber to be picked up on Friday and returned on Monday).
$ 850.00 + GST per week
$1,750.00 + GST per month
$1,500.00 + GST per month (when booking for two or more months)

Payment is required prior to rental period.

Bookings are essential as we have a limited fleet of Stairclimbers available for rental and the holiday season is our most popular time of the year.

News PS Uni

PS Standard
with integrated seat

The Hercules PS Standard is ideal for personal use around the home. It provides people with walking difficulties a new level of mobility. You can now move freely inside and outside the home, up and down steps and stairs.

The revolutionary personal stairclimber can climb virtually any stairs; straight, curved, spiral, inside or outside and even on wet slippery surfaces. The PS Standard is the most adept model for negotiating very steep and winding stairs.

With the help of this ingenious machine you will experience your immediate surroundings in a new and exciting way. Your personal stairclimber can be quickly disassembled into three pieces and packed neatly into your car for travel.

The Hercules PS Standard features advanced stair climbing technology and can handle any challenge. The soft upholstered and ergonomically shaped seat guarantees a comfortable ride, as does the sleek and practically designed folding footrest.

The stair climber doesn’t start moving down steps until the brake wheels on the lifting mechanism have reached the next step. With this level of safety, the Hercules PS Standard can be manoeuvred confidently, the operator maintaining a relaxed, upright posture and avoiding back strain.

The handle unit is easy to adjust and is equipped with anti-slip material. Use the robust crossbar to support and hold the unit. With Up/Down switches on both hand grips, the PS Standard does not need to be adapted when changing between left- and right-handed operators. Choose between three climbing speeds, depending on the nature of the stairs: 10, 14 or 18 steps per minute.

PS Universal
transporting people in wheelchairs

The battery powered Hercules PS Universal is a roll-on/roll-off ferry for any make and model of self-propelled wheelchair or sports wheelchair. Reverse with ease onto the platform, secure the height adjustable backrest in place, apply the wheelchair brakes and take off up the stairs. The PS Uni folds away compactly for quick and easy stowage.

The PS Universal is ready to take on all the stair climbing jobs in your day if you rely on a wheelchair for getting around. Whether it is on holiday or visiting friends, attending appointments or shopping or moving freely around your own home, the PS Uni moves smoothly and softly without leaving marks or scratches on floor and stair surfaces.

The battery charge will last for 300 – 500 steps. This depends on the weight of the passenger and whether they are travelling up or down. A quick-change battery pack is recommended for frequent use. An in-transit battery charger is available as an accessory, ensuring your personal stairclimber is ready for action at any time.

This ingenious people carrier is life changing in its applications.