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Moving White Goods
Safe Climb. Minimum Time

All our stairclimbers have simple, intuitive controls. Most people feel confident with a machine in a matter of minutes. As a rule of thumb the climbing action is quicker to pick up as descending requires an understanding of the step edge detection. (All our machines have step edge detection to ensure the load cannot run away with you).

All stairclimbers are intended to be balanced. There should be little to no effort required as the machine does the lifting for you. In fact the lazier you try to be, the easier the climb is as the machine should be doing all the work. The operator’s only job is to maintain balance.

The SAL Fold is ideal for transporting white goods on
the stairs. Going up, the SAL climbs onto the next step efficiently and precisely, all by itself. Going down, the motor acts like an inertia brake. The load glides down smoothly, softly and safely – no need to press any buttons.

Max. lifting capacity: 170kg

Accessories for White Goods: Wings (344 or 840mm),  Dolly System, Variety of Straps & Toe plates.

The Fold-L model is designed to ensure perfect balance even with slightly heavier loads. Whether its compact floor sanding machines, tall oxygen cylinders or bulky stacks of chairs – with the Fold and Fold-L models you can always keep the load balanced.

Max. lifting capacity: 170kg

Accessories for White Goods: Lifting System (900-1100mm), Dolly System, Variety of Straps & Toe plates.

The SAL HD Universal has been specially designed to transport high and heavy loads. From heavy fridges and ovens to large loads of flooring packs.

Max. lifting capacity: 330kg

Accessories for White Goods: Dolly System, Variety of Straps & Toe plates

Staircat hand truck stair climbers are constructed of a tough tempered aluminium alloy. Stronger than magnesium but lighter than steel, these hand trucks make light work of heavy loads. The ergonomic placement of multiple hand holds provides the operator with a place to hold exactly where you need it.

Max. lifting capacity: 540kg

Accessories for White Goods: Removable forklift, Big Toe Plate, Big Wheels, Retractable Load Support, Additional Straps.

The Buddy lift stairclimber is a total solution mover for medium to light loads, as it is a forklift to load and unload vans or utes, as well as being able to adjust the height of the load to get the best balance angle of the trolley as you climb stairs. A great all-rounder..

Max. lifting capacity: 160kg

The Domino is a track style stairclimber which also has a steering capability. The Domino has automatic load levelling, ensuring the load is always kept in its natural, vertical position. The caterpillar or non-marking tracks are independently powered with powerful electric motors ensuring maximum manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces

Max. lifting capacity: 400kg

Accessories for White Goods: Lifting Columns, Wheeled base, adjustable base for bulky loads.