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Moving Photocopiers & Printers
Safe Climb. Minimum Time

All our stairclimbers have simple, intuitive controls. Most people feel confident with a machine in a matter of minutes. As a rule of thumb the climbing action is quicker to pick up as descending requires an understanding of the step edge detection. (All our machines have step edge detection to ensure the load cannot run away with you).

All stairclimbers are intended to be balanced. There should be little to no effort required as the machine does the lifting for you. In fact the lazier you try to be, the easier the climb is as the machine should be doing all the work. The operator’s only job is to maintain balance.

The SAL HD Fold has an adjustable grip angle – ideal for compact, heavy goods. Lifting photocopiers, cast-iron stoves, boilers, batteries, lift motors, safes is exactly what the SAL HD heavy duty stair climber is designed for. If safe and efficient transportation of loads up and down stairs is what you need, the SAL HD stairclimber will enhance your operation, however large or small.

Max. lifting capacity: 330kg

Accessories for Photocopiers: Dolly System, Variety of Straps & Toe plates

Staircat hand truck stair climbers are constructed of a tough tempered aluminium alloy. Stronger than magnesium but lighter than steel, these hand trucks make light work of heavy loads.

The MLA range has a non-detachable fork. The swivel castors are at the back of the machine to assist with the handling of large loads on tight landings.

The RLA range has a detachable fork. It offers the flexibility of use with or without the fork and can be turned into the standard staircat in seconds. The RLA has swivel castors on the front.

Max. lifting capacity: 540kg

Accessories for Photocopiers: Lift Plate with Ramp, Big Wheels, Retractable Load Support, Additional Straps, Lift Hitch, Portable Steps

The Domino is a track style stairclimber which also has a steering capability. The Domino has automatic load levelling, ensuring the load is always kept in its natural, vertical position. The caterpillar or non-marking tracks are independently powered with powerful electric motors ensuring maximum manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces

Max. lifting capacity: 400kg

Accessories for Photocopiers Adjustable base for Copiers, Tilted base for Photocopiers