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Introducing the compact stair climber

The Hercules BUDDY LIFT stair climber is available in two capacities, 120 kg or 160 kg. This stair climber has an electric powered height adjustment, meaning the load can be raised and lowered to assist with loading and unloading objects to be moved. A further advantage to this is it shifts the centre of balance, ensuing the operator can always be comfortable with good posture.

Amazingly, the Hercules BUDDY LIFT can be folded for storage in smaller vehicles. This stair-walkers folded dimensions are only 99 cm tall x 53 cm wide x 20 cm deep. BUDDY LIFT incorporates front swivel caster wheels allowing tight turns even on narrower landings, assisted by its shallow 20 cm depth.

Be smart. Prevent the injury.

Our Hercules BUDDY LIFT stair walker uses non-marking lift feet, pulling the hand truck up and over the next step.

This is a strong chain driven mechanism that allows the Buddy to scale steps up to 260 mm (the maximum riser must not exceed 225 mm)

This stair climbing machine is equally at home indoors and out, even on spiral staircases.

The Hercules BUDDY LIFT is supplied with;

  • a quick change battery
  • strong load strap
  • an automatic battery charger.