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How to hire our equipment
Safe Climb. Minimum Time

A range of our products are available for hire or rental. In particular demand are our personal stairclimbers. It may be for weeks or months, or just a weekend to ensure one of your guests can make it to a venue with stairs and no lift! We can take bookings in advance to secure your equipment for a certain date.

We can also convert your rental to a purchase, should you decide to go ahead and buy the product. This happens frequently! We are a registered provider with the NDIS as well as charitable organisations who may be able to assist with funding of your mobility product, including rental. We would be happy to discuss these options with you.

We also have stairclimbers and materials handling products available for rental at very reasonable rates. Check this out on our product pages, where we specify which equipment is available for hire or rental.

We provide training for the user/s prior to all equipment hires. We can book this in too, usually requiring about 15 minutes of your time at one of our showrooms to ensure you feel confident in operating the machine.

We have a very limited range of rentals available, from Hercules Complete Lifting Solutions you can hire: PS Standard, PS Universal and some models in the SAL Lite range. However when someone asks us where they can possibly hire these machines from, see below our recommendations.

News PS Uni

Alternative Options

Kennards Hire is a family-owned business that has grown into one of Australia’s leading hire companies. They have over 180 hire centres in Australia and New Zealand. Kennards Hire offers a wide and diverse range of tools and equipment to make your job easy! Kennards Hire AU:

Kennards Hire has a few stairclimbers available: MTK 310kg, Skipper 350kg and the Sunwa 600kg. They are only available in selected locations so talk to your local Kennards branch to find out what options they have available.

Another option which would be available in Sydney, NSW is one of our customers: JB Removals.

JB Removals are best known for furniture Removal Sydney & Northern Beaches area, but that is just one of the services they offer. At JB Removals they know that pianos are among the most difficult items to move without damaging the piano or any of the rooms it passes through during the move. Their skilled removalists have successfully moved thousands of pianos since theyfirst opened for business. While pianos are fragile, they are probably just one of the many fragile items you have to move, and JB Removals can help you pack your fragile items in a way that will make it easier to transport them safely.

Have a look here for more information: