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Handtrucks for Lifting Goods Safely up and down Stairs

There was a time when lifting goods safely up and down stairs was really a tough job. However, now the advent of load bearing devices has made such tasks much easier. When people use these lifting tools for carrying heavy objects they can complete the work with much less effort than what they had to put while these machines were not available. In addition to that, carrying heavy items using load bearing machines protects the back of these workers from injuries. There are a wide variety of lifting tools available on the market right now. One of the most used types is the stair climber. This article deals with a popular stair climber variant, the hand trucks. Read through this article for getting acquainted with the features and specifications of handtrucks and gathering knowledge about different hand truck models.

The main benefits offered by handtrucks are as follows:

  • Lifting heavy items using hand trucks will protect your back from injuries.
  • Hand trucks allow a single man to complete the work of 4.
  • A handtruck can be used for carrying extremely large objects up & down extremely restricted staircases in a hassle free manner.

What is the material used for constructing the hand truck stair climbers? Well known and esteemed manufacturers build these machines only by using tough and tempered aluminum alloys. The alloy ensures that a handtruck made using it has a robust body that is not too heavy (the alloy although is much stronger compared to magnesium, weighs much less than steel). Top companies sell four models of handtrucks, namely MS66, MS72, MS-1 66 and MS-1 72. The one common feature of these 4 models is their 12 Volt motor, which is capable of producing ½ HP. The section below will educate you about other specifications of these four hand truck models.

MS66: You can use it for lifting good weighing up to 315 kg safely up and down stairs. The device is 1680 mm tall, 610 mm wide and 127 mm long. Its net body weight is 29.6 kg. You can use up to three straps to prevent the objects carried on it from falling.

MS72: Like MS66, this handtruck model can also be used for carrying objects with body weight of up to 315 kg. The height, length and breadth of the MS72 are respectively 1830 mm, 127 mm and 610 mm. It weighs 31.4 kg. The device is equipped with as many as four straps.

MS-1 66: The MS-1 66 is used for carrying items weighing up to 540 kg. Its dimensions are same as the MS66. However, its net body weight is 35.9 kg, which makes it heavier that the MS66. The number of straps present in it is three.

MS-1 72: This hand truck model is used for lifting objects with body weight of up to 540 kg. The area covered by it is same as that of the MS72. The net body weight of the machine is 36.8 kg and it comes with four straps.