Be smart. Prevent the injury.
Safe Climb. Minimum Time.

There are so many items to move up or down the stairs; White goods, stacked crates, boxes, parcels, televisions, drinks crates, office stationary, oxygen cylinders, vending machines, fruit, tools, wood, tiles, furniture, filing cabinets, computer equipment, water bottles, machinery.

One of the main uses of our stairclimbers over the years is to move Copiers and/or Printers and our machines have the accessories to make this easier.

Domino Automatic
The Domino caterpillar track stairclimber with auto tilt feature

The Domino is a tank style stairclimber, running on two non-marking tracks. Available in 160, 300 and 400 kg lift capacity, all models of the Domino stairclimber have automatic load levelling, ensuring the load is always kept in its natural, vertical position.

The Domino’s automatic tilt feature ensures the cargo is kept upright and over the machine’s centre of gravity (so no toner spills from photocopiers in transit). No matter what the load shape is, the automatic load levelling platform ensures that the centre of balance is always above the Domino’s tracks and therefore balanced and safe. This feature also spreads the load evenly across multiple stairs and ensures the operator does not need to balance the load.

The automatic tilting function can be switched off to negotiate exceptionally tight spaces, tilting the load further over its integrated big wheels so the Domino stair crawler can behave like a conventional hand truck.

The Domino stairclimber can rotate on its own axis so tight landings need not be a problem.

The powered heavy duty stair climber trolley


The SAL HD is a battery powered heavy duty stair climber trolley capable of carrying loads of up to 330 kg up and down stairs.

Lifting heavy fridges, washing machines and other appliances, photocopiers, boilers, safes, vending machines… is exactly what the SAL HD heavy duty stair climber is designed for.

With safety in mind, the SAL HD comes standard with built in safety brakes to prevent the stairclimber from accidentally rolling off steps, stairs or down slopes. This step edge brake system guarantees the highest level of safety for the operator and the load being carried.

Staircat Forklift
Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Forklift

The Hercules Heavy Duty Stairclimbing Forklift Range can lift 540 kg off the back of a truck or van and can also carry this weight up and down stairs.

Hercules forklifts have side frames made from tough tempered aluminium. In addition they have steel lifting frames with 700 mm long forks, for raising loads up to 1370 mm, high enough to unload or load a semitrailer.

The MLA range has a non-detachable fork. The swivel castors are at the back of the machine to assist with the handling of large loads on tight landings.

The RLA range has a detachable fork. It offers the flexibility of use with or without the fork and can be turned into the standard handtruck stairclimber in seconds.

The RLA has swivel castors on the front.

Forklifts are available with either a battery-operated fork winch (EW – electric winch), or a hand operated fork winch (HC – hand crank).