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Back Injury Prevention Equipment Award
Safe Climb. Minimum Time

Hercules has been providing stairclimbers in Australia for 23 years this year. While cleaning up our archives we found some great memories from the early years of our business. Including this letter from WorkCover NSW Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy Services:


I refer to your request for an engineering assessment of the above hand trucks and the consequent inspections, demonstrations and discussions at your showrooms in Silverwater.

Inspections including the witnessing of the operation of the hand trucks together with a study of the technical information submitted, disclose that the hand trucks appear to be adequately designed and manufactured to handle safely the specified loads.

A review of the design revealed that the sheaves, drums, chains and wire ropes comply with appropriate standards.

During the demonstration, a truck carrying a copier, climbed the stairway. Subsequent inspection of the truck did not show any sign of permanent deformation to load bearing members.

Controls are clearly visible and positioned for safe operation. Controls are designed for fail safe operation and, in the event of a partial battery discharge, sufficient battery capacity is ensured for the truck to descend the stairway with a full load.

As discussed, arrangements should be made to guard moving transmission parts to prevent risk of contact which could lead to accidents. The safe working load in kilo grams (kg) should be permanently and conspicuously displayed on the truck.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1983, under Section 18 states that manufacturers and suppliers of plant shall carry out such research testing and examination as may be necessary for the elimination of any risks to health and safety to which the plant may give rise. Further, the manufacturer or supplier shall take steps as are necessary to make available adequate information about the use for which the plant is designed and any conditions necessary to ensure that the plant will be safe when put to use.

Yours faithfully
Industrial and Construction Safety Unit

1998 Backwatch Innovation Awards


Back Injury Prevention Equipment Award

Awarded to

Hercules Stairclimbing Company


Battery Powered Stairclimbing Hand Trolley

November 1998