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John – Adelaide, SA

Air conditioning industry

"I work in the air conditioning industry, repairing water chillers in plant rooms. Unfortunately most of the plant rooms are not serviced by lifts and require climbing flights of stairs. In the past the only way to get equipment into the plant rooms was by manual sack trucks pulling up the stairs creating a lot of pressure on my knees and legs to the point we were considering not doing this work any more. Often carrying and pulling up stairs 100 kg or more there was no easy way.

After a little research I found the Hercules SAL light stair climber which appeared would help me. I had also found other stair climbers in my research, but nothing compared to “Hercules” for ease of use, it was compact, easy to use and so manoeuvrable. It took all of a 90 second demo climbing a flight of stairs with a considerable weight on it to know this was what I needed. Push the button and step by step up we went, all I need to do is balance the handle. Likewise coming down stairs is just as easy.

Now I look forward to any access via stairs because “Hercules” takes the strain and pain out of climbing stairs. I also purchased the lifting attachment with “Hercules” which has been a great added bonus, lifting objects into place or into vehicles. No weight and no pain, my knees say THANK YOU every time. My wife who works with me also finds using “Hercules” easy.

My only regret is that I did not find “Hercules” years earlier, our silent workman who does so much with no complaints.

All I can say is, look at the rest but buy the best."