The Scalamobil is a lightweight compact stairclimbing device.

Scalamobile - lightweight & compact stairclimbing:

The Scalamobil is a lightweight compact stairclimbing device for wheelchairs that easily manages even narrow and winding stairs. Scalamobil can be adapted to hundreds of brands of wheelchairs as well as to various aids for children.
Together with our Scalachair X3 the Scalamobil is also useful for people who are not dependent on a wheelchair, but have problems with climbing stairs of all kinds. It is important to know that handling the Scalamobil does not call for physical strength. Due to its light weight and moderate dimensions, it is a device which is very easy to transport. Easily and quick dismantled it fits in the back of any vehicle.

It's so easy:

Simply attach the Scalamobil to the wheelchair with the quick locking device.

Ideal for transportation:

Also ideal for transporting by car, so steps and stairways encountered

Compact Stair climbers

Specifications SCALAMOBILE
Weight (kg) 10
Width (mm) 630
Height (mm) 1150 - 1550
Depth (mm) 540
Maximum Load (kg) 100

The Scalamobil makes it possible to climb stairs with a great variety of wheelchairs, without the necessity to mount a holding device on each wheelchair or to remove the wheelchair's big wheels.
Scalamobil is particularly useful for driving services, and is special care centres, handicapped centres as well as public buildings, clubs, restaurants etc, and finally for wheelchairs that do not allow for a holding device to mount the Scalamobil.
To climb and descent stairs you attach the complete wheelchair to the Scalamobil. The ingenious modular design makes assembly and disassembly easy, which further facilitates transportation.

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