SAL Lite Stairclimbers

Extremely fast, light, powered stairclimbers for loads up to 170 kg

Features & Specifications

The SAL powered Stairclimber is as easy to use as a handtruck, with the added advantage that you can handle stairs quickly and safely, thanks to the battery-powered climbing mechanism.
This highly-manoeuvrable handtruck features modular construction and a weight of just
16 kg. read more

The Hercules SAL Lite Stairclimbers come with a choice of:
3 lift capacities: 110 kg, 140kg or 170kg
3 handles: Uni, Fold or Fold-L model

Making it ideal for applications in industry, retail and business as well as in schools, hospitals, commercial kitchens, office blocks.... whatever your transport needs.

The 3 different motor sizes or lifting capacities offer the optimum climbing performance, depending on the weight you need to transport.

  • 110 kg - 48 steps per minute
  • 140 kg - 35 steps per minute
  • 170 kg - 29 steps per minute
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Appliances Machinery Drink Crates Containers
Specifications SAL-110 SAL-140 SAL-170
Capacity (kg) 110 140 170
Max climbing speed (steps/min) 48 35 29
Max Step Height (mm) 210 210 210
Overall Height -extended (mm) 1450 1450 1450
Overall Height -folded (mm) 1000 1000 1000
Overall Width (mm) 480 480 480
Overall Depth -hinged (mm) 275 275 275
Standard Toe Depth (mm) 236 236 236
Weight -excluding snap on Battery (kg) 16 16 16
Weight -including snap on Battery (kg) 20 20 20
Battery Capacity -full Load (app)(steps) 200 300 300

The SAL Lite range is ideal for white goods, stacked crates, boxes, parcels, televisions, drinks crates, office stationary, oxygen cylinders, vending machines, fruit, tools, wood, tiles, furniture, filing cabinets, computer equipment, water bottles, machinery.

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