SAL HD Stairclimbers

Innovative, versatile, quick and reliable.
Modular built, electric powered stairclimbing trolley for loads up to 330 kg.

Features & Specifications

From heavy boilers and white goods to bulky rolls of flooring, the SAL HD can transport heavy loads quickly and safely up and down stairs.
With one person doing what was once a job for 2 or 3 people, eliminating back problems and joint pain and substantially reducing any risk of accident, the SAL HD is a versatile and profitable addition to your business.
This ingenious machine is ideal for use in transport and logistics companies, retail, trade and industry. The SAL HD offers the highest degree of protection for the goods you are shifting and most particularly for the health and welfare of your employees.
The heart of the SAL HD is the perfectly balanced climbing unit with two speed settings and single-step and continuous-step modes. The step edge brake system guarantees the highest level of safety.

       There are 3 Models in the SAL HD Range to choose from (Click pictures below)
UNI (non fold-up handle) – For tall and heavy loads such as drink machines and stacks of heavy boxes FOLD (fold-up handle) - For compact heavy loads such as copiers and safes, with a foldable handle for improved centre of gravity. DOLLY (with Dolly attachment) -For transport routes with lengthy stretches on the level. ALL MODELS

Capacity (kg) 330 330 330
Maximum climbing speed per min. Level 1 (steps) 6 6 6
Maximum climbing speed per min. Level 2 (steps) 10 10 10
Toe plate Dimensions (mm) 530x183 530x183 530x183
Weight - excluding snap on battery (kg) 34 35 40
Weight - including snap on battery (kg) 38 39 44
Battery Capacity - 200kg(approx.)(steps) 220 220 220
Battery Capacity - 250kg(approx.)(steps) 190 190 190
Battery Capacity - 330kg(approx.)(steps) 120 120 120

Innovative & Practical ... all the Advantages at a Glance.

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