PS Plus Personal Stairclimber

The Hercules PS Plus is supplied with its own Wheelchair and negotiates narrow and winding stairs.

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Supplied with its own Wheelchair


The Hercules Advantage

The Hercules Personal Stairclimbers offer passengers and operators the confidence and security they are looking for through innovative design.
During descent, the body of the Personal Stairclimber does not move until the unit's lifting feet have reached the next lower step.


You are "ready to roll" with this lightweight, self-propelled wheelchair already fitted with the adapters necessary for engagement with the battery powered Hercules PS Plus

Its this easy!

..and away you go!

Now you can negotiate narrow and winding stairs. Then, simply reattach the wheels to your wheelchair to move freely within your environment. There is no need to detach the stairclimber. Simply raise the lifting unit so the wheelchair can be used normally with the Hercules PS Plus still attached.

Hit the Road

With the Hercules PS Plus wheelchair folded away and the lifting unit dismantled, the whole system fits into the boot of your car, to accompany you wherever you go. Now you can get around town and visit friends and relatives after all!

Specifications Hercules PS-PLUS
Lift Capacity (kg) 125 (passenger weight)
Weight of the biggest part (kg) 14 (climbing unit) 18 (Wheelchair)
Overall Height (mm) 1130
Overall Width (mm) 432 (without Wheelchair)
Overall Depth (mm) 385 (without Wheelchair)
Space required on landings (mm) 800 x 900
Total Weight (kg) 23.5
Maximum Step Height (mm) 220 (maximum achieved by tilting the stairclimber at a steeper angle)

PS PLUS 115 - watch the Video to see how it works -

Personal Stairclimbers

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