PS Fold Personal Stairclimber

The battery powered Hercules PS Fold is a professional Stairclimber for patient transport.

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Professional Personal Stairclimber for Patient Transport


The Hercules Advantage

The Hercules Personal Stairclimbers offer passengers and operators the confidence and security they are looking for through innovative design.
During descent, the body of the Personal Stairclimber does not move until the unit's lifting feet have reached the next lower step.


This is the rapid-response unit for transporting patients. The battery powered Hercules PS Fold offers the same degree of manoeuvrability as the Hercules PS Standard, but with a lightweight, practical, washable seat. The seat covering can be wiped clean or removed altogether by simply undoing a zip.

Easy to use

The intuitive controls on the Hercules Personal Stairclimbers are easy to learn. It is important to get a feel for balance during operation and the built-in angle indicator helps you do this. New personnel will have this system quickly mastered.


When not in use the Hercules PS Fold can literally be folded away! No dismantling. Save space in the workplace and on the move.

Your optimum partner on the road

The Hercules PS Fold is lightweight and can easily be stowed away in any vehicle. And with the mobile charger you can top up the battery between jobs so your stairclimber is always ready for action when you are.

Specifications Hercules PS-FOLD
Lift Capacity (kg) 160
Total Weight (kg) 28
Overall Height (mm) 1130
Overall Width (mm) 430 (seat) 482 (handle unit)
Overall Depth (mm) 660 (405 with seat folded)
Space required on landings (mm) 800 x 900
Maximum Step Height (mm) 220 (maximum achieved by tilting the stairclimber at a steeper angle)

PS Fold - watch the Video how it works -

Personal Stair climber

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