The newest member of our Stairclimber range, the Pianoplan 600 Speedy has become an indispensable partner for people moving bulky objects such as: safes, photocopiers, drink dispensers, air compressors, air conditioners, household appliances, telecommunications cabinets, electric motors and, as the name describes upright & grand pianos.

Features & Specifications

SAFE an electromagnetic brake works on the traction gear ensuring maximum safety so if the power fails the brake automatically locks the tracks.

ECONOMIC only one or two operators required for a job usually needing four or five persons. Backache and physical strain nothing but a memory.

SPEEDY AND POWERFUL equipped with powerful motors with a sturdy steel´┐Żloading platform. Can climb approximately 50 floors on a single charge.

EASY TO USE you can vary the climbing speed, the platform angle, move the load relative to the tracks to get a better center of balance all at the touch of buttons located on the adjustable handle.

TIGHT LANDINGS thanks to its very clever lifting system the Pianoplan 600 speedy can allow a very bulky load (like a piano) to be manoeuvred around very tight landings.

JOYSTICK OPERATION speed variation and steering on stairs or across ground is achieved by one finger on a joystick.


  • Pianoplan Standard (PPS600) – with powered sliding platform
  • Pianoplan Horizontal (PPH600) – with powered tilting platform
  • Pianoplan Vertical (PPV600) – with powered tilting platform to vertical position

Specifications PPS600 PPH600 PPV600
Length(mm) 1280 1280 1280 Max 1680
Width(mm) 540 540 540
Platform length(mm) 1205 1205 1205 Max 1605
Platform width(mm) 430 430 430
Forward max extension(mm) 500 500 500
Minimum platform height mm(X) 325 370 405
Minimum platform height mm 700V 745 780
Weight 300 340 345
Load capacity kg 600 600 600
Drive speed m/min 12,5 12,5 12,5
Power w 2×700 2×700 2×700
Maximum pressure bar 110 125 130
Batteries 2x12V 65Ah 65Ah 65Ah0
Battery range 50 floors 50 floors 50 floors

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