MTK Stairclimbers

The MTK Range of Electric Stairclimbing Trolleys can lift up to 310kgs and can climb stairs at a rate of up to 18 steps/min.

Features & Specifications:

The Hercules MTK Range of Electric Stairclimbing Trolley can lift 190kg or 310kgs (depending on model) and can climb stairs at a rate of 8-18 stairs p/min depending on the load.
The MTK Range of Stairclimbers have a unique braking system allowing more control when taking heavy loads up or down stairs. The braking system also comes in handy when going down a steep hill, so the load doesn't run away from you.
The heart of the hand truck is the electric lifting system with a crank drive. It is controlled by the electronic power switch, activated by push buttons located on the right handles. By releasing the push button the load can be put down in every position. A sliding clutch protects the handtruck from mechanical overload. Double handles and a foldable frame enables the load to be under optimal control in every position.
A quick-change battery unit is included. In order to guarantee long-term use, the battery can be recharged quickly by a special quick battery charger for use in trucks and vans.

       There are 2 Models in the SAL 'MTK' Range to choose from.
Specifications MTK-190 MTK-310B
Capacity (kg) 190 310
Max Motor Power (Watt) 450 450
Climbing Speed (steps/min) 16-18 8-9
Battery Capacity (approx) (steps) 170 60
Weight including Battery (kg) 37.5 40.5
Weight Battery (kg) 5.5 5.5
Max Step Height (mm) 210 210
Overall Height (mm) 1520 1620
Overall Height Folded (mm) 1100 1100
Main wheels pneumatic (diameter -mm) 260 x 85 260 x 85
Width of Frame (mm) 380 380
Clearance Width (mm) 510 590
Overall Width without Toe Plate (mm) 510 x 300 580 x 300
Depth of Toe Plate (mm) 195 195

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