Electric Lift Tables

The Hercules Electric Lift Tables are the one tool you cannot be without when moving and delivering. Browse our range of Electric Lift Tables below.

The Lift Tables HZ1001 and HW500L

The Hercules Lift Tables are perfect for Lifting Jobs.

Model HZ1001

The HZ1001 has a small platform for special size materials

Model HW500L

The HW500L has a large platform for special size materials

Specifications HZ1001 HW500L
Capacity 1000 500
Lowered Height (mm) 180 200
Max.Lifting Height (mm) 770 1000
Platform size Length and Width (mm) 610 x 916 800 x 2000
Base Frame Size (mm) 585 x 896 680 x 1615
Lifting Time (sec) 15-20 20-25
Power Pack (mm) 380/50Hz AC 1.1KW 380/50Hz AC 1.1KW
Net Weight (kg) 115 193

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