Hiring Machines

Hercules have Stairclimbers available for hiring, whether you are looking to hire a machine for a day to move house or a month for a big project.

We have personal Stairclimbers to take people in a wheelchair or with walking difficulties up and down stairs. We also have a Forklift Stairclimber and Handtruck Stairclimber able to carry products up to 540kg capacity.

Handtruck Stairclimber

Forklift Stairclimber

Personal Stairclimber Standard

Personal Stairclimber Plus

Personal Stairclimber UNI

Emergency Evacuation

Need help getting up or down stairs when you are unable to use the lifts due to power failure or the lifts being out of service? We have operators and machines on standby and can be available for your convenience for immediate assistance