Helpful S

The Helpful S electric transporter is suitable to move and load up to 400kg

The Helpful S

An electric transporter with handlebar steering, with a work capacity over 8 hours, suitable to move and load up to 400Kg. Equipped with two front traction tractor wheels of 430 mm and one rear pivot wheel of 330 mm with oscillation arm, which allows good balance and grip, making it ideal for transporting goods on uneven grounds.

The HS is very handy and suitable to be used in productive plants, warehouse storage, and in any other material movement operation, making it simple avoiding the hard work while increasing the efficiency. The HS is built using innovative technical solutions and excellent quality material such as a steel frame powder coated with exterior paint. It can be equipped with interchangeable skips or crates. The electronic system that controls the forwarding or the backing speed is guided by a knob accelerator making the work easier and safe even in narrow places. The HS is supplied with an extra red lever for safety which allows it to work only in the presence of assigned personnel.
It is equipped with an emergency stop, on/off keys, led to verify the charging level, low level battery acoustic detector, and an external plug for a fast and easy connection to the charger. The 800W motor has an electromagnetic brake that blocks off the vehicle preventing accidental slipping while on ramps up to 30% at full load. The gears in oil bath avoid any kind of maintenance and the machine can be cleaned easily without causing short circuits thanks to the controller and the well cabled wires kept in an hermetic ambient. The tilting system gives the possibility to equip and change rapidly different types of accessories depending on the expected use.

Specifications Helpful S
Capacity - flat surface (kg) 400
Capacity on 30% slope (kg) 300
Overall Length (mm) 1900
Overall Height (mm) 500
Overall Width (mm) 785
Length betweeen Wheels (mm) 1000
Weight (kg) 125
Engine (Watt/Volt) 800/24
Drive Diff. in oil bath
Forward Speed (km/h) max 4.5
Reverse Speed (km/h) max 2
Batteries (A/V) 2x 80A 5h/12 Volt
Battery Charger (Ah) 16A high frequency
Average Working Time (h) 8
Brakes Built-in electro brake

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