Bed Mover

Professional pedestrian operated electric vehicle, suitable to move hospital beds, x-rays trolleys, laundry carts and/or medical waste trolleys up to 350 Kg.

The Bed Mover is suitable to move hospital beds or similar

Professional pedestrian operated electric vehicle with tiller head system, suitable to move hospital beds, x-rays trolleys, laundry carts, and/or medical waste trolleys up to 350 Kg. Suitable to work in narrow spaces, thanks to the compact dimension. The turning system of 75(deg) and the possibility to unblock the transmission for a manual drive. The tiller head is made with a safety sensor which allows it to work only in the presence of assigned personnel. Supplied with forward/reverse speed lever controls, horn, bellybutton, on/off keys, and a button to activate the electric lifter coupling to the bed.

It is equipped with an emergency stop, led to verify the charging level. It comes with an extractable battery pack for a fast and easy connection to the charger, and on request an extra pack for continuous work.
The 300W motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that block off the Bed Mover even while on ramps at full load. Due to the equipped differential with oil bath gear transmission, gel batteries and non-marking wheels, maintenance on this vehicle is reduced. The strong chassis made in steel and powder coated with exterior paint makes the Bed Mover suitable for any eventuality.
The Bed Mover has been tested and can work in environments where higher electromagnetic fields cannot exceed certain levels. The Bed Mover features a large selection of customisable hitches and connections adaptable for any demand.

Specifications Bed Mover
Towing Capacity on flat surface (kg) 350
Max Capacity on 20% slope (kg) 200
Length (mm) 825
Width (mm) 516
Frame Height (mm) 160
Tiller Head Height (mm) 1280
Weight (kg) 84
Electric Motor (V) 24
Gear Diff. in oil bath
Forward Speed (km/h) Max 4
Reverse Speed (km/h) Max 4
Batteries (A) 80
Battery Charger included
Average Working Time (h) 4

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